False Claims Act/Whistleblower

What every whistleblower should know about the False Claims Act

Under the False Claims Act (“FCA”), a whistleblower brings a qui tam complaint alleging fraud against the government. The FCA incentivizes these individuals, also known as relators, by promising them a percentage...

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Court allows whistleblower's retaliation claim to move forward

A federal judge has denied a company’s request to dismiss a retaliation claim filed by a former employee under the False Claims Act.  In Forsythe v. National Health Corporation, a former physical...

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Walgreens pays $269 million to settle False Claims Act Whistleblower Claims

National pharmacy chain Walgreens agreed to pay $269.2 million to the federal and state governments to settle claims that the drugstore chain improperly billed Medicare, Medicaid and other federal healthcare programs over...

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