Oilfield Overtime


If you were looking for an oilfield overtime attorney, you found one.  

My name is Josh Borsellino.  I am a Texas overtime attorney, and my office is located in Fort Worth.  My firm represents oilfield workers and those in the oil and gas industry in West Texas, including Midland-Odessa.  I also represent oilfield workers in East Texas and South Texas.  While many attorneys claim to handle unpaid overtime claims for oilfield workers, few like me actually make this area the principal focus of their practice.  I have represented more than 200 oilfield workers on claims for unpaid overtime within the past two years alone.  Over the past five years I have filed more than fifty unpaid overtime cases, many of them large, complex class or collective actions filed on behalf of multiple workers.  We have filed suit against some of the biggest oil and gas producers and service providers in the world – large companies do not intimidate us.  Because of our experience, there are few overtime pay issues facing oilfield workers that we have not already dealt with, including those listed below.   

Common overtime issues facing oilfield workers:

  • Do you work 40+ hours/week without receiving overtime pay?
  • Are you classified as an independent contractor and denied overtime pay?
  • Are you paid the same hourly rate even for hours worked over 40 per week?
  • Are you paid for fewer hours than you actually work?
  • Are you paid day rates, or salary plus a day rate, with no extra pay for overtime?  
  • Are you paid a set amount for each day you work more than 8 hours?
  • Are you a short-haul driver paid per load, regardless of the # of hours worked?

If you answered yes to any of these questions regarding a current or past employer within the past 3 years, you may have a claim for unpaid overtime and could be entitled to thousands of dollars in lost wages, plus additional damages.  


If you have questions about how to get overtime pay, call me at 432.242.7118 or 817.908.9861 for a free evaluation of your overtime claim.  I handle overtime cases on a contingency basis, meaning my clients pay nothing unless a recovery is made.