Oil and Gas Companies Increasingly Sued for Overtime Pay

The oil and gas industry is coming under increasing scrutiny for its failure to pay overtime to oilfield workers.  In states that have seen the biggest increase in oil and gas drilling, including Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota, the Department of Labor reports that more than $6.7 million has been recovered for more than 4,000 oilfield workers and others in the oil and gas industry in the past year.

The oil and gas industry has adopted numerous tricks to try to avoid paying their employees overtime, including classifying employees as independent contractors, paying short-haul truckers on a “per load” basis, paying day rates and paying straight time, as described in more detail here.  Most oilfield workers and others in the oil and gas industry are entitled to overtime pay, and such payment systems by oil and gas companies usually violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and entitle workers subject to these systems to unpaid overtime.

About the author: Josh Borsellino is a Texas attorney who represents workers to get them the unpaid overtime they deserve.  If you have questions about unpaid overtime, particularly if you are an oilfield worker who has not received overtime pay, contact Josh Borsellino at 817.908.9861 or 432.242.7118 or fill out this contact form for a free evaluation of your legal issue.

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