Peloton Treadmill Injury?  Read This.  

Fitness equipment company Peloton has come under pressure from regulators and consumer groups to recall its treadmill after numerous injuries were reported.  A federal safety agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, told people with young children and pets to stop using the treadmills and issued a safety warning regarding the Peloton Tread+ treadmill. According to the CPSC, there have been 39 “incidents,” of injuries, including one death, related to Peloton’s treadmill.  According to the agency, the height of the machine’s base off the ground as well as the design of the running belt make it dangerous to pets and children.  This photo shows the distance between the floor and the ground, which could allow a child or pet to be pulled under the machine:

The agency also indicated it was investigating the design of the running belt.  The agency took issue with the Tread+’s “unusual belt design that uses individual rigid rubberized slats or treads that are interlocked and ride on a rail.” Most other treadmills have a thinner, continuous belt.   

Peloton has indicated that it will not recall the treadmill, and that it does not intend to make any changes to its design.  Peloton’s stock has fallen more than 32% over the past three months since January 14 of this year, after it previously surged more than 400% since the pandemic.  

If you or a loved one has been injured by a Peloton treadmill, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to learn of your legal rights.  Josh Borsellino is an experienced Texas attorney that is available to answer your questions about Peloton treadmill injuries at no cost or obligation to you.  Call Josh at 817.908.9861 or email him here for a free consultation.  

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