What you need to know about treadmill injuries

Thousands of people are injured each year by treadmills.  According to the federal agency that monitors consumer injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 24,400  ER visits due to treadmill injuries in 2015.  More than 8,000 injuries occur in children each year due to home exercise equipment.  There were more than 30 reported deaths due to treadmills from 2003 to 2012.  In April of 2021, the CPSC issued a safety warning, urging consumers with children or pets to stop using Peloton treadmills because of reported injuries involving the treadmills.  

Most treadmill injuries can be prevented.  Many can be caused by the negligence of the owner of the facility, the facility manager, the trainer, or the equipment manufacturer. The most common causes for injuries include:

  • Electronic malfunctioning;
  • Failure to properly guard with safety mechanisms around the belt and other moving parts;
  • Failure to have a shutoff switch;
  • Improper fitness center management and operations; and
  • Inadequate training.

If you or a loved one has been injured while using a treadmill, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to learn of your legal rights.  Josh Borsellino is an experienced Texas attorney that is available to answer your questions about treadmill injuries at no cost or obligation to you.  Call Josh at 817.908.9861 or email him here for a free consultation.  

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