Lawsuit filed against CMR for unpaid commissions

A lawsuit has been filed in state court in Tarrant County, Texas by a former salesman against CMR Construction and Roofing of Texas, LLC. CMR is a nation-wide “multi-million dollar” roofing company which employs “more than 200 people.”  See CMR’s website. The plaintiff worked for CMR as a sales representative on a commission basis. 

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff was terminated by CMR shortly after CMR landed a large project that the plaintiff worked on, and that CMR did so to avoid paying commissions on this project. The plaintiff also alleges that he is still owed 25% of the profit on a number of jobs for which he was underpaid by CMR. The lawsuit asserts claims for breach of contract, quantum meruit/unjust enrichment, and promissory estoppel. The lawsuit also seeks attorney’s fees against CMR.  

It is not unusual for companies to deny commissions that are owed to their sales representatives.  Often times, companies will do so because they believe the sales representatives will not take legal action against them.  Other times, a lag in the overall economy or in the company’s performance will cause the company to “cut corners” by refusing to pay owed commissions to its sales representatives.  If you have been denied sales commissions that are owed to you, seek the advice of an experienced business litigation attorney as soon as possible.  Unlike a fine wine, legal claims do not get better with age – it is important to move quickly to preserve evidence and your legal rights. Josh Borsellino is an experienced business law attorney – he worked for nearly six years for one of the largest firms in Texas, representing some of the largest companies in the world.  He now represents workers in claims for unpaid wages.  For a free consultation, call Josh at 817.908.9861 or complete this contact form.  Josh handles unpaid wage claims on a contingent fee basis, meaning his clients pay him nothing unless there is a recovery, and if so he is paid a percentage of what is recovered.  

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