Severance Agreement Review – Houston

In this era of economic uncertainty, companies are looking to cut costs and thus layoffs are always on the table.  Companies that engage in layoffs typically present their workers with a severance agreement to try to minimize their exposure to lawsuits.  Signing a severance agreement can have significant legal consequences.  Severance agreements can be intimidating documents, lengthy and full of legalese.  They are typically drafted by attorneys working for the employer and thus are always slanted in favor of the company. They contain promises, representations and waivers of certain rights.

It is critical that a worker given a severance agreement understand what they are signing, and whether signing it at all makes sense.  This requires a lawyer that is familiar with the legal rights of workers who can assess the worker’s situation.  There is no one-size-fits all answer as to how a worker should respond to a severance agreement.  It depends on the worker’s potential claims against the company, how much is being offered, the non-monetary terms of the proposal, and a myriad of other factors.

Josh Borsellino has practiced in Texas for years, and regularly files claims in the Houston area. He has reviewed hundreds of severance agreements and regularly pursues employment claims on behalf of workers.  He is well-equipped to assess a severance agreement and advise a worker of his or her legal rights.  He can review a severance agreement for a flat-fee or on an hourly basis depending on the circumstances.  If you have been given a severance agreement in the Houston area, give Josh a call at 817.908.9861 or complete this form.