Fort Worth Whistleblower Attorney

We represent whistleblowers in Dallas-Fort Worth and across Texas.  The attorneys at Borsellino, P.C. have filed numerous lawsuits involving employees who have blown the whistle on their employer and have been retaliated against for doing so.  We regularly file and prosecute federal and state retaliation claims.  We also handle qui tam and False Claims Act cases.

It takes courage to speak up in the face of wrongdoing while others remain silent.  Whistleblowing is something that should be encouraged, not condemned.  We are proud to say that our clients have exposed a wide variety of illegal conduct, including:

  • OSHA workplace safety violations;
  • illegal wage and hour payment schemes;
  • violations of the DOT rules for motor carriers; and
  • fraudulent medicare/medicaid billing.

If you have knowledge that your current or former employer has committed fraud against the government or engaged in other illegal misconduct, know your legal rights.  If you have been fired or otherwise retaliated against for complaining about illegal activity of your employer or refusing to engage in wrongful conduct, you may have a claim under state or federal whistleblower laws.  State and federal laws provide numerous protections for whistleblowers and even allow for a monetary award for those that qualify.

Don’t go it alone.  The attorneys at Borsellino, P.C. can and will advise you about the protections of the whistleblower laws.  Strict time limits can bar potential claims, so don’t wait – call us now at 817.908.9861 or 432.242.7118 for a free and confidential consultation.  If we take your case, it would be handled on a contingency basis, meaning we charge you nothing and only get paid if there is a recovery.