Management & Training Corporation Overtime Pay Lawsuits

Management & Training Corporation (“MTC”) is a contractor that manages private prisons.  It is based in Utah. According to its website, it operates correctional facilities in Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas.  According to MTC’s website, below are the specific locations it operates, with the name of the facility and the city or county it is located in parenthesis:


  • Arizona State Prison (Marana)


  • Gadsden Correctional Facility (Quincy)


  • Idaho CAPP Facility (Kuna)


  • East Mississippi Correctional Facility (Lauderdale County);
  • Marshall County Correctional Facility (Holly Springs); and
  • Wilkinson County Correctional Facility (Wilkinson County)

New Mexico

  • Otero County Prison Facility (Chaparral)


  • North Central Correctional Complex (Marion)


  • Billy Moore Correctional Center (Overton);
  • Bradshaw State Jail (Henderson); 
  • Bridgeport Correctional Center (Bridgeport); 
  • Diboll Correctional Center (Diboll); 
  • Kyle Correctional Facility (Kyle); 
  • East Texas Treatment Facility (Henderson); 
  • Lindsey State Jail (Jackboro); 
  • Lockhart Correctional Facility (Lockhart); 
  • Oliver J. Bell Unit (Cleveland); 
  • Sanders Estes Unit (Venus); 
  • Dalby Correctional Facility (Post); and
  • Willacy County Regional Detention Facility (Raymondville)

MTC has recently been sued several times for allegedly violating state and federal overtime laws related to its policies for requiring detention officers to perform pre- and post-shift without pay.  Read more about a recent appellate decision finding in favor of detention officers in an overtime case against MTC here.  

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