How to Recover Unpaid Overtime

You may be wondering how to get back overtime pay.  To recover overtime pay that a current or former employer owes you, you generally have two choices.  You can file a complaint with a state or federal agency or you can use a private attorney to pursue your overtime claim.  I am a Texas attorney that focuses on recovering unpaid overtime for workers.

Some employees that have overtime pay issues choose to file a complaint with a state or federal agency. I used to work for the federal government and respect the work that government employees do. However, investigators at governmental employment agencies are overworked and understaffed, and their investigations are not always the most thorough. If you have ever dealt with the government before, you know that it usually involves a significant amount of “red tape” – countless forms, providing unnecessary information, and progress that moves at a snail’s pace. If you have overtime pay issues, you should consider whether you want a bureaucrat with no interest in the outcome of your case to handle the investigation, or whether you would be better served by a professional advocate on your side who will fight to get the maximum recovery for you.

When a worker, or group of workers, retains me on an unpaid overtime case, my goal is to get my client(s) the most money I can in the shortest amount of time possible. The initial meeting with me usually last less than an hour – I want to know who you worked for, the circumstances of your employment, how you were paid, how much you may be owed, and whether there may be other current or former employees that also may be owed overtime pay. If I take an overtime pay case, the next step is to file suit. And I don’t stop pursuing the unpaid overtime claim until the case is resolved, whether through a settlement or trial. I work on overtime cases on a contingency basis, meaning I do not get paid until my client does. Thus, I have every incentive to work an unpaid overtime case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every unpaid overtime case is unique. But this article summarizes how you can recover unpaid overtime.

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