Field employees sue Wildcat Wireline and KLX Energy for unpaid overtime

Six former employees of Wildcat Wireline and KLX Energy have filed suit against these companies, asserting claims for unpaid overtime.  Wildcat Wireline was an oilfield service company that provided wireline services that was purchased by KLX or a related company sometime in 2014 or 2015.  According to its website, KLX has more than 1,400 employees in over 45 locations around the United States.

Five of the plaintiffs were employed by Wildcat and KLX as field engineers, while the other was a field hand.  The plaintiffs allege that they were generally scheduled to work 80-100 hours per workweek, but often worked more, in many instances working on-site around the clock. Instead of paying them overtime, Defendants paid Plaintiffs a base salary plus bonuses. The field hand was paid hourly, though the Defendants excluded certain non-discretionary bonuses from his overtime pay calculations, thus depriving him of overtime pay at an appropriate rate of pay.  The case is pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, Little Rock division, and has been assigned cause number 4:16-cv-00134-KGB.

If you work or in the past three years worked for Wildcat Wireline or KLX Energy, you may have a claim for unpaid overtime.  This is true even if you were recently laid off by KLX and signed a severance agreement, as such an agreement may not be sufficient to waive or release claims for unpaid overtime under federal law.  If you believe you may be owed overtime, you should consider speaking with an experienced overtime attorney as soon as possible to learn about and protect your legal rights.

About the author: My name is Josh Borsellino.  I am a Texas trial attorney, and my office is located in Fort Worth.  I represent oilfield workers and those in the oil and gas industry to get them the unpaid overtime pay they have earned.  In the past two years alone I have filed unpaid overtime lawsuits on behalf of workers in the oil and gas industry in every federal district in Texas.  If you have questions about how to get overtime pay, call me at 432.242.7118 or 817.908.9861 or fill out this online form for a free evaluation of your overtime claim.  I handle overtime cases on a contingency basis, meaning my clients pay nothing unless and until a recovery is made.

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